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Gluten-free spinach rape

We’ve probably all heard of gluten-free wraps, but what about spinach wraps? This green beauty not only looks eye-catchingly bright, but also tastes delicious. Most importantly, it gives value to both your mind and body. It’s a fairly universal recipe that’s also easy to make, for example, into a version of small pancakes that are handy to snack on warm or cold the following days. Take it with you on long car journeys, picnics, to work or to school with the kids, etc.

Quantity: 3 pcs
Severity: light
Preparation time: about half an hour passive + 10 min active.

Serve with anything you like, such as: beetroot hummus, cucumber, radish, tomato, salad greens, sprouts, etc.

Preparing a spinach trap:

Mix together the vegetable milk and oatmeal and let the mixture stand for half an hour. Then blend the thickened mixture, spinach, salt and garlic powder into a smooth dough.

Heat a small amount of oil in a frying pan and place the dough on it and spread it out with a spoon to make a dough wrap about 18 cm in diameter. You can also try the oil-free version – you’ll need a good non-stick pan and a slightly lower heat. It also takes a little longer to make the wraps.

Fry the crackers for about 3-4 minutes on each side, 5-6 minutes for the oil-free version. Add any toppings you like, roll up and enjoy a delicious bite.

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