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Frequently asked questions


How quickly will the parcel arrive?

Under normal circumstances, your order will arrive within 2-3 working days.
Orders placed over the weekend and holidays will be dispatched the following working day.

Where can I pick up my parcel?

In Estonia: from Smartpost parcel machines, DPD Pickup point parcel machines, Omniva parcel machines or Smartpost couriers.
In Finland: from a Smartpost parcel machine
In Latvia: from an Omniva or DPD parcel machine.
In Lithuania: from an Omniva or DPD parcel machine.

How much does shipping cost?


  • If your order is more than 75€, Smartpost parcel delivery is free of charge.
  • For orders under 75€, Smartposti parcel delivery is 3.20€.
  • Delivery to Omniva and DPD machines costs 3.50€.
  • Smartmail courier price is 9.60€
  • It is also possible to come to Kolga-Jaani, Viljandimaa by prior arrangement.


  • If the order is more than 150€, transport is free of charge.
  • For orders under 150€, the cost of sending one parcel to the parcel machine is 12€.


  • For orders over 150€, shipping is free of charge.
  • For orders under 150€, the cost of sending one parcel to the parcel machine is 9€.


  • For orders over 150€, shipping is free of charge.
  • For orders under 150€, the cost of sending one parcel to the parcel machine is 10€.
How can I order abroad?

Orders for Finland, Latvia and Lithuania can be placed in our e-shop.
Orders to other European countries can be placed by e-mail. Send us an e-mail to with your exact order request, phone number and address, and we'll be happy to send you a parcel! The approximate cost of transport to Europe is €15. The exact transport price depends on the total weight of the order.

How is payment made?

You can pay for your order through all major banks: Swedbank, SEB, LHV, Luminor, Coop, Citadele, Revolut. You can also pay by credit card or by separate bank transfer. You also have the option to pay later, with 0% interest and no extra fees, via the "Pay later" solution.

Will my card details be kept safe?

Our partner Montonio keeps your card details secure and never shares them with merchants or third parties. All your data is protected!
The online shop has secure SSL data transmission (like an Estonian ID card).
The use of SSL in the Elusväli e-shop ensures greater privacy and security than an unencrypted web connection. This reduces the risk of unauthorised copying and use of your information by a third party. Web browsers will display a padlock icon if an SSL connection is available.

Do you use recycled packaging for packaging and can it be discarded?

On the checkout page, you have the option to choose whether or not to have your order packed in recycled packaging. This is optional and to opt out, uncheck the box.

We offer this opportunity to reduce the generation of pointless waste. The recycled packaging we use is clean and tidy, and often you can't tell the difference. But of course, this choice can be abandoned.

Where can I get a promotional code?
We organise various promotions on the Elusväli mailing list, Instagram and Facebook.
Is the promotional voucher valid for a product already on sale?

Discount codes are only valid for full-price products. Products that are already on sale do not qualify for an additional discount.

How do Elusväli products differ from other food supplements and organic products?

All the supplements sold in the Elusväli e-shop are pure, organic, 100% plant-based, GMO-free, gluten-free and contain no unnecessary or hidden additives.
Large international food supplement manufacturers are allowed to put up to 10% of bulk ingredients and additives in a food supplement without having to say so on the packaging. This is not the case with Vimergy products and is what makes Vimergy quality exceptional.

What is a food supplement?

The Food and Agriculture Board defines a food supplement as a food that is consumed in addition to the normal diet with the aim of replenishing the body with various substances.

The food supplement complies with all of the following conditions:

  • are intended to complement the normal diet;
  • are a concentrated source of certain substances (e.g. vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, fatty acids, etc.);
  • are intended to be consumed in fixed doses or amounts;
  • are marketed in pre-packaged sachets in defined doses, such as capsules, lozenges, tablets, powder sachets, liquid ampoules, dropper bottles and the like, intended for consumption in small measured quantities.
Can a product marketed as a food supplement in another EU country be a medicinal product in Estonia?

Yes, you can. In Estonia, the Medicines Agency decides whether a product is a food supplement or a medicine.

For the most part, however, European countries have fairly similar views on the classification of food supplements.

What do the SPK and NRV marks on the label mean?

SPK - Recommended daily allowance of nutrients. The abbreviation SPK (RDA) is used by FAO and WHO 2001. Since 2001, as a recommendation for an optimal daily intake of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.

NRV - Nutritional Reference Value(NRV ) for adults is at least 15% of a nutrient to claim the content of a substance in a preparation.

In Europe, the NRV is mainly used as a % of the daily reference intake for adults. In terms of content, the NRV serves the same purpose as the SPK.

Why should I take supplements?

Unfortunately, a large proportion of people do not eat enough balanced and mineral/vitamin rich foods, as many studies have shown. As a result, many people do not get the right amount of nutrients they need for the body to function normally.

Most vitamins are not produced by our bodies, so we need to get them from our daily diet. However, soil fertility has declined dramatically, mainly over the last 50 years, hence the lower nutrient content of food.
That's where food supplements come in.

Vitamin requirements depend on many factors

  • elueast
  • soost
  • life pace
  • whether a child is carried
  • whether breastfeeding is taking place
  • general body health
  • etc.
Are food supplements safe for your health?

If you follow the instructions on the supplement packaging, the supplements sold in the Elusväli e-shop are 100% safe to consume.

Elusväli sells only pure, organic supplements that contain no hidden ingredients, no GMOs and are 100% plant-based.

In case of pregnancy, breast-feeding, taking medication or health problems, we recommend consulting a doctor or other health professional before use.

Taking supplements can also cause reactions. To find out whether this is a healing or a reaction, stop using the product immediately and consult a doctor.

How to choose the right food supplement for you?

As the market for food supplements is not as regulated as, for example, the market for pharmaceuticals, trust in the manufacturer and distributor of food supplements is essential.

Many food supplement manufacturers use ingredients of questionable value, do not label all ingredients on the packaging (within legal limits) and use ingredients that are not fresh. Therefore, trust in the manufacturer of a food supplement is one of the most important arguments.

If you are looking for an answer to a specific problem in the world of supplements, we recommend consulting a nutritionist or doctor.

What is the best way to take a food supplement?

The two best times to take most supplements are in the morning and in the evening.

In addition, follow the instructions on the packaging of a particular food supplement and consult your health professional if necessary.

Medical journalist Anthony William recommends supplements to take

  • separately from fatty foods. According to Anthony William, fat prevents nutrients from being absorbed.
  • In addition, A. William recommends that supplements should ideally be taken with some glucose-rich foods. Which he claims help nutrients to be better absorbed into the cell.
How do I know if I should also take supplements?

If you know that

  • your diet is not varied enough
  • you have a medical condition
  • you know from tests that you have a vitamin and mineral deficiency in your body.

then you might want to consider taking supplements.

Studies have shown that chronic deficiencies of critically important minerals and vitamins occur in a large proportion of Western society.

Can I take supplements without consulting a doctor or pharmacist?

In general, it is safe to take food supplements if you are dealing with a trustworthy food supplement manufacturer.

However, it is worth remembering that it would be advisable to consult a health professional before taking a food supplement. The supplement may cause side effects when taken with some prescription or over-the-counter medicines.

It is important to consult a health professional in the following situations:

  • during pregnancy or breast-feeding;
  • just before or after surgery;
  • high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes;
  • food supplement use in a child
What should I do if I experience an adverse reaction/interaction due to a food supplement?

In the event of a side effect or interaction, discontinue the food supplement and contact your doctor or pharmacist.

How long do food supplements keep open?

Under normal conditions, Vimergy food supplements retain their best qualities until the date printed on the product, even when opened. For best results, keep products in a dark, cool place (in a high top drawer of the fridge), out of reach of children. At room temperature (~24°C), most food supplements and products will keep well even when kept open in the kitchen cupboard. Unless otherwise stated on the packaging.

When is the best time to take supplements?
The two best times to take supplements are in the morning after a light breakfast or in the evening just before bedtime.
Some food supplements taste so bitter, can I mix it with something?
The supplements can be mixed with water, lemon water or freshly squeezed juice. Taking supplements with fruit is also good.
Why choose Vimergy supplements?
  • There is no hidden ingredient in Vimergy supplements - everything is neatly labelled on the packaging. Many manufacturers of food supplements do not label their products with ingredients below a certain percentage, which it is legally correct not to label. Vimergy does not engage in such practices.
  • Vimergy supplements do not contain unnecessary additives. Flavourings, citric acid, GMO products and alcohol. All are excluded for Vimergy products.
  • Vimergy sources its ingredients from clean and fresh produce and raw materials. Traditionally, in the production of food supplements, some ingredients can sit in stock for many years before being packaged. In the case of Vimergy, such practices are excluded.
  • Vimergy uses highly absorbable forms. For example, a mixture of adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin in the case of B12, zinc sulphate in the case of zinc, and magnesium in the form of magnesium glycinate in the case of magnesium. The form of the nutrient has been carefully considered for each product to ensure maximum absorption and 100% safety for the body.
How long will Vimergy 115ml tincture last?

If you take a daily dose of 2 pipettes (2ml) a day, you will have enough Vimergy 115ml tincture for about two months. If there are 2 or more regular consumers, for about one month.
Many people take supplements seasonally, during periods of illness or when they fall ill - in which case they may continue to take the supplement for six months or longer.

Can supplements be consumed all year round?

Yes. The supplements sold in the Elusväli online shop are of pure composition and have no unpleasant side effects.
However, we recommend that you take Vimergy Canadian Hogweed and Vimergy Licorice Root for 2 weeks, then take a 2 week break to give your liver a rest.
For other products sold in the Elusväli e-shop, year-round consumption is allowed.

Can food supplements be substituted for meals?

No. Food supplements, as the name suggests, are intended to be used in addition to the main food. A food supplement is not a miracle pill or powder that saves a person from the need for a varied diet. However, dietary supplements have a role to play nowadays, especially if you're suffering from chronic symptoms and are determined to make strong changes to your life and health.


Can pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers take supplements?

Yes, you can.

Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers may simply have deficiencies in their bodies - it's a good idea to compensate for this with good quality supplements.

Food supplements sold in the Elusväli online shop are safe, and there is generally no risk to the health of either mother or baby when consumed in normal daily amounts.

However, we do recommend that you consult a trusted health professional before starting to take supplements for the first time.

Can supplements be given to children?

Yes, supplements can also be given to children, but there may be differences depending on the age, weight and health characteristics of the child.

We recommend that you consult a nutritionist, doctor or pharmacist before giving it to children for the first time.

NB! Lahti Declaration

The information above is for informational purposes only; it is not medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If more serious health problems occur, you should consult a doctor or health professional. If you would like to use alternative or new medicines to support your health, please share this information with your GP. Bring her a book and discuss whether and how therapeutic foods and supplements could be used in her recovery.

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