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Vegan raspberry-coconut panna cotta

Delicious and raspberry coconut panna cotta

A delicious blend of sweet-sour raspberries and dark coconut, which together make a truly unrivalled pudding-like dessert, perfect for serving at a party. Just the right amount of sweet, just the right amount of sour and just the right amount of dark – just how a good dessert should be! The cherry on the cake is the festive look of the treat, which is sure to delight your guests. But what sets this delicious coconut milk apart from the classic Italian panna cotta is its healthy, whole-food texture, without a drop of animal cream or a gram of refined sugar. That’s why it’s easy on the tummy and doesn’t overload your body with unnecessary junk. Preparation is also easy and does not require hours of preparation. Give it a try – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Amount: 2-3 for mayas
Preparation time: 20 minutes + time needed for the dessert to gelatinise
Severity: light
To prepare you need:

  • 400 ml full fat coconut cream
  • 300 g fresh or frozen raspberries
  • 2 tbsp coconut sugar
  • 1 teaspoon agar-agar powder
  • desserts of your choice for serving
  • fine sieve

How to make vegan Panna Cotta?

Start by making the berry puree. To do this, puree the raspberries in a blender or with a whisk until smooth. If you use frozen berries, let them defrost first. Strain the finished puree through a sieve into a bowl so that it is smooth, silky and seedless.

Then pour the silky raspberry puree into a pot with the coconut cream, sugar and agar-agar. Mix thoroughly until smooth and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat to low and simmer over a gentle heat for a further 2 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then turn off the heat, remove the pot from the heat and allow the mixture to cool at room temperature, stirring every few minutes. Once the berry-coconut mixture has cooled, pour it into the desired moulds and place in the fridge to set for at least 2 hours, up to overnight.

Serve the panna cotta with fresh berries and coconut. Enjoy!

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