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Effective protection against viruses and flu

The symptoms of a cold often come from a mild form of flu. Sneezing, sniffling and a tickling sensation in the throat usually indicate the flu virus.

Another reason why we experience cold symptoms is because our body is fighting an invading virus.

Flu used to be an autumn/winter illness, but now it’s in the picture in summer too. Influenza spreads in cycles: every 6 weeks or so, a new flu virus is circulating.


  • Self-care is very important, especially getting enough sleep when you feel the first symptoms of a cold or flu.
  • If you feel something in your throat, use liquid zinc sulphate: squeeze it from a pipette directly into your throat and let it cover the whole affected area. (See below for more on zinc shock therapy). If you’re sensitive to zinc, take a few drops.
  • Watch your HANDS and wash them regularly. Keep your hands away from your face, eyes, mouth or use wet wipes/disinfectant when you are out!
  • Use wet wipes to clean your hands in a restaurant, on an aeroplane (wipe down chair and armrests), use a face mask if necessary.
  • If you’re eating out, try to order food that’s as HOT as possible, as the heat will kill off any viruses and bacteria that may have got in from the restaurant kitchen.
  • Take supplements all year round to boost your immune system. If that’s not possible, use them before any stressful periods or travel. Essential additives are: liquid zinc sulphate, catsup, vitamin C, lemon balm, L-lysine, adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin B12, and spirulina and chaga (black ram).


  • Olive leaf – good for Epstein-Barr virus symptoms, for flu take a larger amount.
  • Red Stinging nettle and Canada Hogweed can help with both flu and strep throat symptoms (some throat and sinus problems are caused by strep bacteria).
  • Black elderberry syrup – against flu.
  • Lomatium root – for flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus problems, fever, etc.
  • Eye grass – against flu and strep throat.
  • Cherry bark extract (prunus serotina) helps against cough.
  • Fenugreek leaf extract helps with shingles-related problems, as well as flu, bronchitis, sinus and lung problems.
  • Fenugreek supports the immune system.
  • Micro-C, liposomal vitamin C and cat’s claw are good for everyday use. If you feel you’re going to be sick, increase the amount.
  • Ceanothus Americanus or American beetroot

When buying supplements, look for high-quality capsules or alcohol-free tinctures.

Chickweed tea with lemon juice is good for flu symptoms, especially a sore throat. Many other herbal teas are also helpful – especially if you add lemon juice.

For children, use lower doses and, if possible, consult your health professional to find the right dose.


At the first sign of a cold or flu, take TWO pipettes of liquid zinc sulphate, squeeze it down your throat and let it stay there for ONE MINUTE. Then swallow the zinc.

Repeat every THREE HOURS (during waking hours) for TWO DAYS. The liquid zinc recommended by the medical media is readily available in our online shop. For more information on liquid zinc, click here


It takes:

  • 2 500-milligram Micro-C capsules (Vimergy company) or 1 dose of Micro-C powder
  • 1 cup (approx 240 ml) of warm water
  • 2 teaspoons untreated honey (can be replaced with 100% maple syrup)
  • freshly squeezed juice of 1 orange (can be substituted with the juice of 1 lemon)

DO THIS: open the vitamin C capsules and pour them into warm water, stir until the powder dissolves. Add the unprocessed honey and orange juice and stir. Drink it every two hours.

You can increase the amount of vitamin C if it is acceptable for your body.


If you feel the first symptoms of a cold or flu, try eating mainly these ten foods for a while.

  • Celery juice – kills pathogens, including flu viruses, and strengthens the immune system.
  • Cucumber juice – has very strong antipyretic properties, is rejuvenating and hydrating.
  • Lemon water is an excellent immunity booster, liver and body cleanser, rehydrating, and can reduce nausea. Just squeeze half a lemon or a lime into 0.5 litres of water.
  • Ginger water helps prevent colds and flu, helps with fatigue, nausea and a dry throat. It also contains a special type of vitamin C that supports your body. Grate the ginger into the water and leave to infuse for at least 15 minutes. Or overnight. Add lemon juice and honey if desired. Tastes like lemonade!
  • Thyme tea (or thyme water) – antiviral and relieves cough, fever, inflammation. Place two frozen or four fresh thyme sprigs in a cup of lukewarm or hot water, adding lemon juice and honey if desired.
  • Turmeric ginger shots give the immune system a super boost. Press the cucumber root, ginger root and some garlic cloves through a juicer. Combine 1 teaspoon turmeric juice, 1 teaspoon ginger juice, 1/4 teaspoon garlic juice and 1/4 cup orange juice.
  • Fresh fruit, vegetable or green leafy vegetable juices – give your body the nutrients and antioxidants it needs to heal. They are easier to absorb in juice form. Make juice from apples, cucumbers, oranges, asparagus, melon, pears, celery, coriander, parsley, dandelion, spinach, kale, radishes, etc.
  • Healing broth – heals, cleanses and nourishes with minerals at the same time.
  • Raw garlic is antiviral and antibacterial, strengthening the immune system. If you’re feeling cold symptoms, crush a clove of garlic and mix it with half an avocado, a banana or some potatoes and eat. Repeat three times a day until healed.
  • Unprocessed honey keeps your immune system’s primary defence line strong. If you feel cold symptoms, take a teaspoon of honey before bedtime. The healing properties of honey are even more pronounced when mixed with lemon water.



  • 4 carrots or 1 sweet potato
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 2 onions
  • 1 cup parsley
  • 1 cup fresh or dried shiitake mushrooms (optional)
  • 2 tomatoes (optional)
  • 1 clove of garlic, or about 6-8 cloves
  • a pinch of fresh ginger
  • a pinch of fresh turmeric root
  • 8 cups of water
  • chilli pepper or red pepper flakes (optional)

Bring all the ingredients to the boil in a saucepan, then simmer over low heat for an hour to four hours. Strain the vegetables to get the most from the broth, or leave the vegetables in and eat as a soup if you prefer.

You can also add potatoes, courgettes, pumpkin, pumpkin, tarragon, coriander, sage, oregano, thyme, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, dulse, etc. to the soup.

If fresh ginger or turmeric is not available, dried ginger (0.5 teaspoon) is fine, but fresh ginger is more beneficial.


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The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only; it is not medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If health problems occur, a doctor or health professional should be consulted. If you would like to use alternative or new medicines to support your health, please share this information with your GP. Bring her a book and discuss whether and how therapeutic foods and supplements could be used in her recovery.

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