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Maple syrup 1L Amber (II) | Maple Farm

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Organic Canadian maple syrup (Grade A, Amber). Good as a healthy sugar substitute in pastries, porridge and pancakes, smoothies and as a flavour balancer in savoury foods.

AMBER can be described as a light and delicate maple syrup that is lighter, milder and less strong-flavored than the DARK maple syrup of the same series. Try both of these fabulous Maple Farm maple syrups and choose your favourite!

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Organic Canadian Maple Syrup Maple Farm AMBER (Grade A/Class “A”) in a large package (1L).

Maple syrup is a great companion for all sweet tooths. It is far healthier than regular refined sugar, but tastes very sweet, pleasant and caramelly.

Maple syrup is produced by evaporator which takes out water from maple sap. The sap suitable for making maple syrup comes mainly from three maple species: sugar maple, black maple and red maple. Norway maple, which grows naturally in Estonia, is generally not suitable for syrup production.

It may sound unbelievable that maple syrup is not just a good sweetener, but also has healing properties, even suitable for diabetes. Maple syrup provides the body and the liver with a very important fuel – energy from glucose, which the body needs to function properly. Unlike refined sugar, maple syrup glucose is beneficial to the body and is easily absorbed. In addition, maple syrup mineralises the blood and brain, helping to strengthen the brain and nervous system.

Suits well as a healthy sugar substitute in pastries, desserts, porridge and pancakes, smoothies, sauces and as a flavour balancer in savoury foods.

  • A great alternative to refined sugar
  • Suitable for pastries, desserts, porridge, pancakes, etc.
  • Healing properties
  • Amber colour and silky texture

After opening, store in the fridge, especially if you will be consuming maple syrup for an extended period of time.


Important information when choosing maple syrup

  1. When choosing maple syrup, be sure to check the list of ingredients. It is important that there is only one ingredient , 100% maple syrup. There are many maple syrup-based blends on the market that also contain other, cheaper sugars. All maple syrups in our online shop are 100% pure and contain only one ingredient.
  2. The market for maple syrups – like the market for olive oils, for example – can sometimes attract fraudsters. Just as olive oil is blended with cheaper industrial oils (such as rapeseed oil), maple syrup may be blended with cheaper sugars and glucose syrup, but the other ingredients are omitted from the packaging. A mixture of maple syrup and sugar syrup is sold over pure maple syrup.
  3. The whole production process plays a major role in the flavour and quality of maple syrup, just as it does in the case of wines, for example – the forest from which the syrup is harvested, when it is harvested (time is very important), the post-processing, the drying process. The quality and taste of maple syrup depends on these and many other aspects. Even between batches, the taste can be noticeably different.

Maple Farm won the Best Maple Syrup award at the 2020 Great Taste Awards in England.

Maple Farm is also actively involved in preventing the production of fake maple syrup.

Maple Farm maple syrup is third party certified.




Additional information
Weight 1 kg
Product info:

Maple Farms – Maple syrup 1 litre, amber


100% pure Canadian maple syrup (Second harvest – Amber)

Nutrition information:

per 100g
Energy; 1092kJ/261 kcal
Fat; 0g
Carbohydrates: 67g
– of which sugars; 60g
Protein: 0,2g
Salt: 0g
Fibre: 0g

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