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Hasselback potatoes with rosemary

Hasselback potatoes with rosemary

Crispy Hasselback potatoes with rosemary

Surprise your family and loved ones with deliciously crispy and herb-rich Hasselback potatoes! It is a dish originally from Sweden, which has gained fame all over the world today. Hasselback potatoes special due to their preparation method, as a result of which the potatoes are particularly crispy on the outside, but soft and with herbal taste on the inside. The recipe does contain oil, but only quite a bit – you only need it for the potatoes becoming crispy!

Quantity: for four 
Preparation time: 60 minutes
Difficulty level: easy
You will need: 

  • 1 kg potatoes of your choice 
  • ? tbsp olive or coconut oil 
  • 3 garlic cloves (crushed) 
  • 1 tbsp fresh or ? tbsp dried rosemary
  • sea salt and ground pepper (to taste)

How to make Hasselback potatoes? 

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and get the baking tray with baking paper ready. Then wash and, if desired, peel the potatoes and use a sharp knife to cut the notches in the potatoes as close to each other as possible, without piercing the bottom. Mix the oil, crushed garlic, chopped or dried rosemary, salt and pepper in a small bowl and gently brush the potatoes with the oil-herb mixture (rub the seasonings between the notches as well, so that the whole potato is nicely seasoned). Put the potatoes in the oven to bake. Bake the potatoes until they are nice and soft to the touch with a fork and take on a golden brown colour – this takes approximately 30-40 minutes, depending on the size of the potatoes. Garnish with fresh sprigs of rosemary, if desired, and serve with what you like.

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