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How to make maple cream?


Maple Cream

It takes a bit of patience and precision to make this recipe, but once the cream is ready, it’s a recipe to wow everyone. There’s no one who doesn’t love maple cream, it makes people melt! Whipped cream can be used in pancakes, pastries, porridge or just as a sweet treat, and is also a great gift idea.

Quantity: 295 ml of cream
Preparation time: 1,5 h (cooking ~40 min, cooling ~10 min, mixing ~30 min).
Level of difficulty: more difficult
It takes:

  • 300 ml maple syrups
  • 2 pots (large and medium)
  • food thermometers
  • ice cubes or ice block
  • wood spoons
  • A glass jar with a capacity of at least 300ml in which to pour the mousse.

How to make maple cream?

  1. First of all, prepare an ice bath to cool the cream: put the ice cubes in a large pot with cold water and see if the pot you’re going to boil the maple syrup in will fit nicely.
  2. Pour 300 ml of maple syrup into a pot and bring to the boil over medium heat. Don’t stir the syrup once during cooking!
  3. If the syrup starts to boil over, reduce the heat.
  4. Boil the syrup until it reaches 112 degrees Celsius, this can take 30-40 minutes. The temperature rises over time, according to how much less water evaporates from the maple syrup. Less water = higher temperature
  5. Take the syrup off the stove sooner rather than later.
  6. Quickly remove the syrup, which has reached 112 degrees, from the heat and place in an ice bath to cool. Cool to 35 degrees, this may take 10-12 minutes. Don’t stir the syrup while it cools!
  7. Place the syrup pot in a convenient place and start mixing the syrup with a wooden spoon . Don’t beat the cream too much, otherwise air bubbles will form in the cream.
  8. Stir until the cream turns pale and resembles thick condensed milk. The mixing process can take up to 30 minutes.
  9. Immediately pour the cream into the final container. If the cream is left to stand in the pot, it will turn solid.

Typical mistakes when making maple syrup or what else to consider when making maple syrup?

  1. If you take the syrup off the heat too soon , you will have to stir it longer to get the cream and the texture will remain more liquid, like condensed milk.
  2. If you take the syrup off the heat too late , the syrup will get so hard when it cools down that it will be quite impossible to stir. Fortunately, the failed maple cream still tastes good.
  3. When the syrup is boiling, the temperature at the bottom of the pot will be higher than the top layer of syrup, so it is better to measure the temperature near the bottom of the pot.

Store the finished maple cream in the fridge.

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