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Food supplements: why take them?

Have you ever wondered why you need these supplements anyway? Is a balanced diet not enough? Can my body become addicted to food supplements and is it able to absorb them at all? Why is it important to monitor the composition of food supplements, and more specifically, what to take and what not to take?

All of these are legitimate questions, which is why we’ve taken a closer look at the issue to provide some clarity. Let’s start at the beginning and talk through the key points one by one.

Why should you consider taking supplements?

In today’s world, we have reached a point where the food we eat on a daily basis is no longer nutrient-dense enough to provide us with all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients we need to stay healthy and strong. Often we tend to suffer from some nutrient deficiencies even when we are eating enough fresh fruit and vegetables and there are no immediate health complaints (yet).

Since the nutrient content of fruit and vegetables is directly related to their growing environment, mineral-rich soil affects the nutritional value of the fruit. However, the mineral content of soils has declined dramatically in recent decades. One example: the micromineral zinc, essential for all our lives, has been washed out of soils by toxic pesticides, mainly DDT. However, many other nutrients that cannot be easily restored with fertiliser have also been reduced. That’s why, unfortunately, we can’t always rely on vitamins from food alone.

In addition, in today’s world, we are constantly exposed to a wide range of chemicals, toxins, environmental pollution, heavy metals, stress, viruses and bacteria, which our body needs an effective boost to cope with. Our living environment is not what it was even 20 years ago.

That’s why high-quality supplements are a great way to boost the body’s resilience and provide all-round support.

lemon balm

Powerful herbs always conveniently at hand

In addition to vitamins and minerals, all sorts of powerful herbs have been bottled that would not normally be available to us all year round, but thanks to tinctures we can boost our health with the power of plants all year round. The tincture is much more concentrated than just tea, providing a stronger healing power.

Vimergy’s range of products includes cat’s claw, lemon balm, Canadian honeysuckle, liquorice extract, nettle and many other potent alcohol-free tinctures. This way, the power of plants is always conveniently at hand when you need it!

Which food supplements are most important and how can you protect yourself against viruses?

We’ll introduce you to a basic set of nutritional supplements that are useful for everyone, regardless of their state of health.

Basic additives include:

Vitamin B-12

In the case of B-12, the ideal combination is methylcobalamin with adenosylcobalamin. It’s a powerful blend that is helpful in supporting the immune system as well as preventing and treating various neurological problems. However, B-12 injections should be avoided. This is because they don’t contain the right type of B-12 blend and can cause a hypersensitivity reaction. You can find the easily absorbed Vimergy B12 in the right combination here!

Liquid zinc sulphate

Liquid zinc is critical for building up the body’s resistance to pathogens, enabling it to protect your body from pathogens and stand up to all germs. Likewise, zinc can help if you’ve already been struck down by a virus and are starting to notice the first symptoms of a cold or flu. In this case, the best quick remedy is the zinc “shock therapy” recommended by the Medical Journal, which involves the administration of liquid zinc sulphate directly into the throat every 3 hours. High quality stabilised zinc sulphate is waiting for you in the Elusväli e-shop. Without stabilisation, zinc loses its healing properties within a few weeks.

Vegan omega-3s or DHA/EPA

Omega-3 supports brain, eye and cardiovascular health. But instead of fish oil, go for a high-quality, pure, highly absorbable, plant-based, algae-based omega-3 supplement that is free from heavy metals. Just make sure that the supplement you consume is also free of additives and carrageenan, which are often found in various products. For example, try Vimergy EPA/DHA.


Spirulina’s rich biochemical composition makes it a match for any multivitamin on the pharmacy shelf, and it’s also a great aid in eliminating heavy metals from the body. In addition, spirulina is rich in iron and plant protein. Get your US-sourced Vimergy spirulina, which has undergone several independent quality controls, here.


Medicinal plants are highly nutritious, full of minerals and phytonutrients. Witch hazel can be considered the king of herbs for its healing properties! Nettle has incredible anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to support immunity as well as support a weakened endocrine system. Nettle contains an abundance of amino acids, which are used by the body in many processes. Nettle can be used as a tea or tincture. Pure non-alcoholic nettle tincture is also waiting for you in the Elusväli e-shop.

Other excellent immune boosters include vitamin C, cat’s claw extract, lemon balm and the following L-lysine!

Confusion over which supplements to take, which to leave out?

The most important thing to look out for when choosing supplements is their composition. Very often, the list of ingredients in food supplements is so long that there is no end in sight. A series of unfamiliar chemical compounds, which sometimes require several attempts to pronounce, is on the horizon. Particular care should be taken to ensure that no citric acid, flavourings, alcohol, whey proteins or carnitine are added to the food supplement.

It is also important to make sure that no sugar is added to food supplements, and ideally that ingredients do not include bulking agents such as rice flour or corn starch. Artificial preservatives should also be avoided. The best indicator for checking the purity of additives is the length of the ingredients list – if you can see more than three to five ingredients, it’s usually worth leaving the product on the shelf and looking elsewhere.

Note that food supplement companies are allowed to add 10% bulking agent to a food supplement without having to say so on the packaging. So, it’s worth researching the country and finding a company you trust that produces quality supplements, and asking each company directly how much of their supplements actually contain bulking agents.

How to take supplements correctly?

To get the most from supplements, it’s worth knowing what to take, when to take it and how to take it. There is no need to worry, however, as there is no rocket science here and no need to make big plans. However, you might want to leave a few tips by the ear.

Most supplements (except fat-soluble ones such as vegan omega-3 or EPA/DHA and vitamin D-3) are best absorbed with glucose. This means that the best time to take supplements is, for example, first thing in the morning with fruit or a smoothie. You can also take the supplements in the evening before going to bed, separate from fatty foods. This allows the supplements to be properly absorbed. If you want to know which mistakes to avoid when taking food supplements, read more this post.

Vimergy supplements in the swamp

Vimergy supplements – what is their advantage over other brands?

The range of food supplements is wide and varied, taking your breath away! But how do you navigate this vast amount of information and make the best choice? What distinguishes a good quality food supplement from a poor quality one?

The biggest difference is the pure and controlled composition of food supplements.

Vimergy supplements are free from harmful preservatives and additives, and do not contain the various bulking agents found in many other brands. Vimergy dietary supplements undergo a thorough third-party quality control process, which guarantees 100% quality and pure composition. At Vimergy, we aim to provide only the purest, best-performing supplements packed with the healing power of nature. In addition, Vimergy supplements are always in the best possible concentration, allowing you to get the maximum health benefits and support from each supplement. Vimergy dietary supplements are a symbiosis of the power of nature and human knowledge of how to produce supplements effectively in the 21st century.

Example of Vimergy with Vitamin C

Vitamin C intake is highly recommended and critical to reinvigorate the body during the current virus season. The Vimergy range includes vitamin C in Micro-C form, a special blend of pre-processed vitamin C that is much easier for the body to use than other forms of vitamin C. In addition, it has been thoughtfully enriched with active ingredients such as rosehip extract, grape seed extract and acerola extract. However, vitamin C is mostly found on pharmacy shelves in the form of ascorbic acid, which is very acidic in nature, can cause discomfort in the stomach, and is actually very poorly absorbed compared to vitamin C in Micro-C form. In addition, ascorbic acid is often “enriched” with various flavourings, which are also not beneficial to health.

Find out more about the Vimergy product range HERE and get all the supplements you need conveniently in one place!

Stay well!

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The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only; it is not medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If health problems occur, a doctor or health professional should be consulted. If you would like to use alternative or new medicines to support your health, please share this information with your GP. Bring her a book and discuss whether and how therapeutic foods and supplements could be used in her recovery.

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