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SIX benefits of zinc for your health

Did you know that zinc is one of the most important minerals in our body? Zinc plays a vital role in the immune system, boosting liver health, regulating the thyroid gland and fighting flu and other viruses.

Today, a large proportion of people are chronically deficient in zinc, which is a huge health blow. Zinc deficiencies have occurred mainly because various pesticides have leached zinc from the soil, resulting in even the best organic foods containing practically non-existent amounts of this vital mineral.

Foods such as sprouts, green salads, pumpkin seeds, parsley, radish and even watermelon seeds do contain zinc and it is always worth including these foods in your diet, but you need to eat relatively large amounts of them to get enough zinc. This is why it is very useful and convenient to take a high quality, pure zinc supplement, which is also in a form that is easily absorbable (zinc sulphate).

But let’s take a closer look at the beneficial properties of zinc.

Zinc kills viruses

1. Zinc kills viruses

Our immune systems are powerful, but sometimes they need help to work effectively. When the body is fighting viruses, it uses a lot of zinc, and running out of zinc can also mean getting sick more easily. So in the age of the virus, it’s worth taking regular zinc supplements to keep your immune system strong and functioning.

2. Zinc supports liver function

The liver has the largest variety of jobs to do in our bodies, and minerals play a crucial role in this. One of the most important of these is zinc, which is responsible for more than 2,000 different chemical functions. Many of these tasks involve the removal of heavy metals, plastics and toxins. So if you don’t get enough zinc, your body can build up a variety of unnecessary toxins.


3. Zinc supports thyroid function

People with hyper- and hypothyroidism who have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Graves’ disease, thyroid cancer, cysts or thrombi know the importance of the work of this tiny gland. Zinc is an important mineral in overcoming thyroid problems as it fights viruses, which are often the real cause of these diseases.

Zinc is effective in fighting colds

4. Effective in fighting colds and flu

If you feel that you are about to get sick, taking a high dose of a good quality zinc supplement can help to prevent getting sick. A healing technique called zinc shock therapy is an effective way to fight colds. With zinc shock therapy, it’s important to start as early as possible – take action as soon as you notice the first symptoms. How does chocolate therapy work? To do this, squeeze two pipettes of liquid zinc sulphate into your mouth, hold it there for one minute and then swallow. Repeat the activity every three hours (during waking hours). This means 4-5 times in one day. You can already feel and see the results on your body.

Zinc is an immune system ally

5. An important ally of the immune system

Zinc strengthens white blood cells and is a versatile support for the immune system in fighting viruses and pathogens.

Zinc boosts sperm quality

6. Zinc boosts fertility and male sperm quality

Did you know that male sperm is rich in zinc, and that every ejaculation reduces the levels of this critical mineral in the body? So this is another reason to consciously supplement and keep zinc in your body.

Now you know the six most important properties of zinc and why zinc is a vital mineral for a healthy and happy life.

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Liquid zinc sulphate

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The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only; it is not medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If health problems occur, a doctor or health professional should be consulted. If you would like to use alternative or new medicines to support your health, please share this information with your GP. Bring her a book and discuss whether and how therapeutic foods and supplements could be used in her recovery.

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