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Insidious shingles: what is it and how to beat it?

The insidious shingles – a virus that can cause headaches, skin rashes, joint pain and a host of other mysterious symptoms that often go undiagnosed in the doctor’s surgery. So what exactly is it, how exactly does this troublesome virus make itself known, and how can you get rid of it for good? Let’s take a closer look and find out!

Find out in the article below:

  • What is shingles and how to recognise it;
  • How to get rid of shingles;
  • What foods to look for and how to help yourself with food supplements.

Let’s start at the beginning – what is shingles?

Shingles is a very stubborn virus of the herpes virus family, with many different strains and manifestations. Shingles can penetrate deep into the nervous system as well as manifest on the skin, releasing toxic neuro- and dermatotoxins and causing a whole range of symptoms from skin rashes to nerve pain. However, shingles-related ailments often tend to go undiagnosed and untreated because modern medicine is not yet familiar with all strains of shingles. Fortunately, however, the situation is not hopeless and there are many ways you can help yourself.

What are the symptoms of shingles?

It is often thought that shingles is always accompanied by a reddening rash on the skin. According to the medical media, however, this is only one form of the virus that causes shingles. In fact, there are 31 different forms of shingles (of which 15 are the most common), and they all cause different symptoms. Only 7 shingles strains cause rash, while the other 9 can go without rash at all. This means that the shingles virus can still be active in the body even if there is no sign of it on the skin but other symptoms of shingles are present.

From unexplained skin rashes to neurological ailments

According to the medical media, the insidious shingles virus is responsible for a variety of mysterious symptoms that are difficult to diagnose. The shingles virus can cause unexplained skin rashes as well as a variety of neurological symptoms, including migraines. Similarly, painful joints, fever, spasms and unexplained headaches may be caused by the very same shingles villain. The shingles strains that cause the rash can cause a rash over the whole body, from head to toe, covering the entire chest, legs, arms, head and genital area (in women). However, strains that do not cause a rash can cause disturbing nerve pain in the legs, frantic skin burning, severe inflammation of the inner mucous membrane of the colon (cholelithiasis), viral inflammation of the facial vertebrae, feverish pain in the hands and feet, pain in the gums or jaw area, and much more. Non-scarring shingles strains tend to have more nerve damage and pain compared to the viral strains that cause the rash.

But how can you help yourself and get rid of shingles?

The right diet is key here. To get rid of the virus, our body needs a proper boost and nutrients to fight off the bad guys. Fresh fruit and vegetables are the most powerful in the fight against shingles, helping to attack the virus and support the body’s recovery from toxic neurotoxins. To effectively make one-nil to the shingles, the Medical Medium recommends enriching your daily menu with the following fruits:

  • Celery juice, the sodium salts of which inhibit the growth of shingles (and other pathogens) in the body, helping the body to get rid of neurotoxins secreted by viruses;
  • Wild blueberries, which help restore the central nervous system and cleanse the liver of accumulated neurotoxins and heavy metals;
  • Papaya, with its phytochemicals and high vitamin C content, is a real anti-viral salve;
  • Apples, which starve the virus and contain pectin, help to collect all the bad bacteria, viruses and other germs from the gut and rid the body of pathogens;
  • Pears, which revitalise and nourish the liver by cleansing the organ of the shingles virus residues; in addition, pears help to restore the mucous membranes of the intestines damaged by the virus;
  • Artichokes, which also help to cleanse the liver of neuro- and dermatoxins and boost the body’s resistance;
  • Bananas, which reduce the body’s viral load, have an anti-inflammatory effect and help to restore damaged neurotransmitters; bananas are particularly effective in the case of colitis caused by shingles;
  • Sweet potato, which nourishes the nerves and helps cleanse the liver of the toxic secretions of shingles;
  • Fresh spinach, which creates an alkaline environment in the body and supplies the nervous system with well-absorbed micronutrients, protecting it from damage caused by the virus;
  • Asparagus, which contains powerful phytochemicals in its skin that prevent the reproduction of shingles in the body, while also helping to cleanse the lymphatic system and liver and alkalise the body;
  • Green salad, which is also strongly antiviral, helping to cleanse both the liver and lymphatic system, relax the nerves and calm the body;
  • Green beans, which contain anti-inflammatory chlorophyll-based compounds that are useful for any symptoms or conditions caused by shingles.

Healing foods act like a fire extinguisher in the body, putting out the flame and destroying the bad guy.

Which food supplements can help with shingles?

As always with health concerns, regular nutrition is also greatly helped by supplements that support the healing process and are also effective in helping with healing. When choosing food supplements, it is important to just check the list of ingredients and avoid preparations with additives. However, according to the recommendations of the medical media, the really effective remedy for shingles is:

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PS! If you know someone who is also struggling with shingles, be sure to share this article with a friend or acquaintance in need and stay well!

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