Free Lemon Balm and PropolisPure as a gift!

Follow the instructions below to be part of the great Vimergy promotion:

  1. Add 200€ for of Vimergy products to your shopping cart. Do not add products from other categories or brands to your shopping cart – otherwise the coupon will not work.
  2. If your shopping cart exceeds the 200€ limit, enter the coupon code PROPOLISJAMELISS in the coupon box.
  3. PropolisPure (115ml) and Lemon Balm (115ml)  will be automatically added to your shopping cart for 0€.
  4. Make a payment and enjoy free Lemon Balm and PropolisPure!
NB! Coupon can only be used for 1 time per person, while stocks last. The code will not be applied to orders placed previously. The voucher is intended for standalone use – it cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional vouchers.

*The products included in the shopping basket must be 100% Vimergy branded. The voucher does not apply if there are other products in the shopping basket, such as gluten-free flours, sweeteners or drinks. Combo products, such as the Detox Powder Kit, are also not eligible. During the campaign, normal 1-2 day deliveries may take slightly longer. In total, 144 people are eligible to take part in the campaign.

Organic Zinc Sulfate

In stock

28.0040.50 Inc. VAT


In stock

39.5591.20 Inc. VAT

Vimergy Magneesium

In stock

24.4059.80 Inc. VAT

VIMERGY Organic PropolisPure

In stock

54.30 Inc. VAT

VIMERGY Organic Ashwagandha

In stock

21.8631.70 Inc. VAT

VIMERGY Organic Goldenseal

Out of stock

46.30 Inc. VAT