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Did you know that your body needs more magnesium in summer?

Hot summer is here again, but the sun is not the only thing we experience more of during the summer months. Higher air temperatures also mean that our bodies are constantly trying to cool us by sweating. Sweating a lot causes us to lose a lot of essential substances such as water, electrolytes and minerals, including magnesium. You’ve probably experienced, for example when working in the garden for a long time or returning from a hike, how your legs can suddenly cramp or thicken. Muscle cramps can be a sign that the body has lost too many essential minerals through sweating – often (but not always) this means low magnesium levels.

Magneesium on elutähtis mineraal!

Magnesium is an essential mineral that is literally involved in the in hundreds of physiological reactions in the body. can’t produce it themselves , nor very well It is very important that our daily routine contains sufficient amounts of high quality magnesium.According to recent studies conducted in the USA, Western society hardly gets enough magnesium in its daily diet. 2/3 of the population get the recommended daily intake of magnesium. minimum.

Not to mention reaching a normal level… Low levels of magnesium can also damage numerous bodily processes, including vitamin D synthesis, cardiovascular function, hormone production, etc. There are many physiological processes in the body in which magnesium plays an important role. Magnesium is very often the “bottleneck” in the synthesis of various vitamins.

Aga magneesium meie toidus?

In an ideal world, we would get the magnesium and other minerals we need from food. However, poor farming practices, high levels of air pollution and a general lack of awareness make this task very difficult for many.


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  • Magneesium toetab luude, liigeste ja lihaste tervist, soodustab lõõgastumist ja toetab tervislikku unerežiimi.
  • Lisaks toetab see ka südame-veresoonkonna tervist.

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